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Ассоциация парков России, как площадка для обмена опытом, является единственной ассоциацией на территории Москвы, Московской области, регионов РФ и стран СНГ, эксперты и члены которой имеют практический опыт эксплуатации и управления крупнейшими парками, садами, скверами, музеями-заповедниками и усадьбами.

Association Council

Alexey Reteyum
Chairman of the Council, Council Member
Director of the Botanical Garden of the MSU "Apothecary Garden", deputy, United Russia party member
Denis Tsukanov
Director of the Association, member of the Council
Член экспертного совета Минстроя России по формированию комфортной городской среды, генеральный директор ParkSeason Expo
Svetlana Akulova
Member of the Council
Director of the Moscow Zoo, President of the Union of Zoos and Aquariums (SOZAR)
Андрей Гимбатов
Member of the Council
Депутат Государственной Думы РФ, член комитета по вопросам собственности, земельным и имущественным отношениям
Andrey Zhuravlev
Member of the Council
Помощник главы администрации г. Тулы
Andrey Lapshin
Member of the Council
Director of Sokolniki Park
Pavel Seleznev
Member of the Council
Director of St. Petersburg State Budgetary Cultural Institution Museum and Leisure Complex 'Kirov Central Park of Culture and Leisure'
Dmitriy Selivokhin
Member of the Council
Head of the VYAZ Competence Center, partner of the OOO Narodnyi Arkhitektor
Pavel Trekhleb
Member of the Council
Директор Университета креативных индустрий (арт-кластер «Таврида»)
Elizaveta Fokina
Member of the Council
Director of Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
Aleksey Chibin
Member of the Council
Director of Moscow Hermitage Garden

Board of Guardians of the Association

Dmitry Shvidkovsky
Academician, Professor, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciencess, Rector of the Moscow Institute of Architecture
Evgeny Knyazev
Member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art, People's Artist of Russia, Rector of the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute
Maxim Egorov
Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Khaykin
Minister of Improvement of the Moscow region
Vitaly Likhachev
Член Совета при Президенте РФ по развитию местного самоуправления, депутат Государственной Думы РФ, член комитета по экологии, природным ресурсам и охране окружающей среды

Association goals

Popularization of parks and public spaces in Moscow, regions of the Russian Federation and other territories seeking comprehensive development of the park industry and infrastructure
Protection of the interests of the Association members in order to improve their efficiency
Promotion of public prestige and significance of the Association members' activities
Maintenance and development of a high level of competence of Russian experts in the field of the park industry and related activities for the development, improvement, information technology, advertising, sponsorship, legal and social issues, catering, entertainment and educational services, cultural events, security, etc.
Cooperation with public authorities, business structures, mass media, public organizations for the development of the park industry
Promotion of public interest in visiting parks and public spaces through information, mobile and web technologies, as well as other communication channels and leisure time arrangement
Analytical research and developement of industry standards, norms and regulations in order to improve the quality of services provided for visitors to parks and public spaces
Organization of expert, educational, exhibition programs, conferences, forums, festivals, summits and other industry, thematic and cultural events
Promotion of investment attractiveness of the park industry
Development and implementation of joint programs and projects of the Association members
International cooperation with the administrations of foreign parks, public spaces, associations, contractors and other commercial and non-commercial structures for the exchange of experience


General meeting of the Association members (legal entities)
Association Council (individuals)
Директор Ассоциации
  • The Supreme Association Body is the General Meeting of the Association members. The main function is to ensure compliance of the objectives for the benefit of which the Association has been established (unlimited number of members, legal entities only).
  • The permanent collegial Executive Body of the Association is the Council (form 3 to 15 people, individuals only).
  • The Sole Executive Body of the Association is the Director.


The Association membership is voluntary.
The Association members are the founders of the Association after state registration, as well as other legal entities complying the Charter statements.
The procedure for admission to the membership of the Association and exclusion from its membership is determined by the General Meeting of the Association Members. Admission to the membership of the Association and exclusion from its membership is carried out by the Council by a simple majority of votes of the Council members present at the meeting.
The Association members have equal rights and duties.
The Association members pay entrance and annual membership fees. The fee amount and payment method are determined by the decision of the General Meeting of the Association members.
To join the Association of Parks of Russia, please make a request to [email protected]


Министерство строительства Российской Федерации
Министерство культуры Российской Федерации
World Urban Parks
Hortis, France
Recreation Aotearoa, NZ
The Union of associations and entertainment industry partners
Общенациональная ассоциация территориального общественного самоуправления
Администрация г. Волгоград
Moscow Flower Show
The Institute of Environment and Recreation Management
Золотой фотон

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(Non-Profit Corporate Organization Association for the Development of Urban Parks and Public Spaces
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